Bioinformatics: Our bioinformatics applications transform protein structural data into statistical functions, applicable in fast and highly accurate simulations of protein behavior in interactions with other molecules.
Drug Discovery: Revegen’s drug discovery methods apply statistical imaging data in highly accurate and reliable procedures that enable the construction of small organic molecules with a high affinity toward protein targets.
Data Management: Our data management applications are aimed at the achievement of the most efficient use of resources in drug discovery research, enabled by highly the effective utilization of information available from compound screening.
Revegen pursues a new, innovative approach in drug discovery research built on a proprietary pdiCAD™ technological platform. We have developed a variety of tools and methods that accelerate discovery of small molecule drugs based on principles of molecular recognition between therapeutic agents and protein targets. Our methods improve resource efficiency of the drug discovery process and support development of targeted therapies in a broad spectrum of indications.
We envision discovery of new medicines as a process of structural engineering, derived from the understanding of the molecular architecture of a protein target and algorithmic prediction of the drug’s physicochemical and toxicological properties. Our proprietary probability density imaging (PDI) technology affords unparalleled accuracy and speed in the modeling of interactions between small organic molecules and proteins.
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