We are dedicated to the discovery and implementation of new, cutting-edge technologies that enhance productivity of pharmaceutical drug discovery research. We believe that the best strategy through which to accomplish this goal is to invest in the innovation of the R&D processes and in better management of risks associated with early discovery research. Our proprietary technologies enable discovery of new medicines on the basis of principles that dictate molecular recognition between drugs and therapeutic targets, delivering targeted therapies which address the most pressing medical problems associated with cancer, drug-resistant bacterial infections and other diseases.
Carrers. We invite you to consider Revegen, a company founded by scientists from the world’s leading research universities. We are committed to attracting and retaining the very best talent. Please send us your information, via e-mail, to info@revegencorp.com or to our corporate address.
We value and reward individual and team contributions, foster creativity and risk taking, encourage diversity and equal employment opportunities. Our competitive advantage has been our tremendous intellectual capital and our focus on our employees is the key to our success.
We pursue successful partnerships with other pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. In these partnerships, our technological capabilities will provide a source of strong and long-lasting competitive advantage.
Our partners will benefit from a flexible and integrated collaboration model tailored to their specific needs. We are able to channel our technological capabilities toward a dramatic improvement of research productivity associated with the discovery of new pharmaceutical leads or optimization of their properties. We can target a variety of therapeutic indications and catalyze rapid appreciation of the value of shared research projects or intellectual property that stems from our collaborations. To access our technology, you may work directly with Revegen or with our sister service company, Ellanova Laboratories (www.ellanovalabs.com). Please contact us for more information.