Our applications are built on the principles of our proprietary PDI technology. Each of our applications has a considerable effect on the efficiency of drug discovery process; combined, they offer synergies with an unprecedented impact on research productivity. Our bioinformatics applications compute probability density images for proteins. The drug discovery methods apply these images in screening and de novo design, and the data management applications integrate these methods in drug discovery processes.
Bioinformatics: The protein PDI analysis is based on a novel data-mining procedure which computes comparative statistical relationships between a target protein and a large number of protein structural data. PDICompare transforms the computed PDI images into characteristic signatures for select therapeutic targets and derives drug selectivity relationships from their comparisons. PDBLigand is a knowledge-based application that enables access to structural information on a large number of protein-ligand complexes.
Drug Discovery: PdiCAD is Revegen’s core drug discovery application that enables a fast and highly accurate simulation of protein interactions with small organic molecules. Microfusion uses a proprietary algorithm that constructs new, biologically active molecules by fusing small molecule fragments directly to protein binding sites. VSFE methods allow for the rapid screening of a large number of molecules, as well as optimization of their properties. SFEM applications add a new dimension to VSFE procedures, enabling the parallel screening of large matrices of targets and small organic molecules.
Data Management: DXMatrix integrates pdiCAD technology in practical drug discovery processes and enables the optimization of its performance, according to feedback from practical compound screening and profiling. It maximizes pdiCAD performance and effectiveness with respect to each newly discovered chemical series. DXProject was designed to optimize the management of the drug discovery process by the highly accurate extrapolation of compound performance toward the probability of the project's success. This application allows effective decision making in pharmaceutical research programs.


Protein PDI Analysis